GunFreedomRadio 17 May 2023

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GunFreedomRadio EP403 Funding Freedom with Chris Davidson

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Our guest today is Chris Davidson. Chris is an entrepreneur, consultant, and community leader who believes in free market capitalism, small government, and the US Constitution, and to that end is a Project Manager on a major fundraising campaign to support The Second Amendment Foundation.

1) Recently Amazon cancelled their Smile program that many of us who are affiliated with non-profits relied on for donations and financial support. Being in Pro-2A Advocacy unfortunately automatically blocks a lot of avenues for not only outreach but also for fund-raising. But, you are working on something big for the SAF. Tell us about that.

2) You wear many hats, and among those is the Founder & Lead Strategist for Orca Strategies, LLC. Tell us about some of the work you have done under that umbrella.

- helped your home state of Virginia flip from blue to red in Glenn Youngkin’s historic victory over the heavily favored former governor Terry McAuliffe.

3)  You have been named in the “Top 40 Under 40”, you have grown your local Chamber of Commerce as their President, and you have hosted various startup competitions including “Virginia Shark Tank”. You are clearly someone who works to empower individuals to break out of their old habits and forge new paths to personal success. How does that tie into your latest project with SAF?

4) How do people begin supporting this freedom-oriented manufacturer of American Made products and have the convenience of monthly set-and-forget shipment of household goods?

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