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Gunpocalypse! HR127! Get these before the ban!?!?!

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People will freak out at the drop of a hat. People are getting played right now by various groups trying to capitalize on HR127, which is a dead in the water bill. Sure, something bad could happen and a gun ban COULD happen, but this isn't it. The author is a lunatic and HR127 can't even make it into committee much less to the floor for a vote. Things can change, so be vigilant, but PLEASE stop panicking. If you need a gun, go ahead and buy it. But there's no reason to buy up everything in sight at crazy prices because you think HR127 is going to pass. Right now it's not. If something changes, we'll post a video.

IMPORTANT: All shooting is done on a state approved firing range and under the supervision of trained professionals. Our videos are produced in a safe environment by highly trained professionals with decades of experience. We are Federally licensed and are compliant with all Federal and State laws. Do not attempt to replicate the actions featured in our videos without the proper training, licensing and without medical professionals present.

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PorkChop76 3 months ago

Thank you for speaking on this. i mentioned this to Colin noir and James over on TFB. i mentioned that in order to pass a bill like this, the senate will have to use reconciliation. Which only require 51 votes, however seeing that the senate can't even come together for a stimulus check its not very likely. and yes there are dems who believe in the 2A. the senate only get 3 of these each year and right now as it looks Biden has other agendas that he wants or will use it on. And furthermore the filibuster still remains in the senate which Republicans can use to kill any bill from the dems. Mitch McConnell has stated that he will be the grim reaper for all bills dems bring to the table. Like I said to Nior and James, I like my chances but I don't know we'll have to wait and see.

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