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Ghost Tactical 20 Mar 2020

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Guns & Grub: AR Pistol / Red Beans & Rice

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Guns & Grub: AR Pistol / Red Beans & Rice

#GhostTactical #Guns&Grub

In this episode, we cook Red Beans & Rice from @Tony Chachere's Creole Foods and talk about the Inter Ordnance 8.5" AR Pistol

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Credit: Trey Miller

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Squib 4 months ago

Did you learn to cook that during Mess & Maintenance Week?

If you do a SCCY review you might want to make ramen noodles with that.

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Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 3 months ago

In Boot Camp, I did breakfast prep during the early morning hours... "Cooking" was not a

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2Alifestyle 4 months ago

Red beans and rice is my favorite and guns

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