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Home Builds, 80% Builds, and Ghost Guns Illegal in Rhode Island

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Home Builds, 80% Builds, and Ghost Guns Illegal in Rhode Island


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Thor Kill
Thor Kill 20 days ago

Trolls finally made illegal weapons illegal again. They do not realize trolls do not have the ability to build weapons or anything else. It is a fantasy. Only GOD can make a weapon with his hands. The laws only apply to trolls.

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skittle_chute 21 days ago

I choked a bit on my drink at the "hailed as the first bill signed in the corona virus era". What a load lol

   0    0
Hofy 21 days ago

What about vintage fire arms that have never had a serial number?

   1    0
Reloader59 21 days ago

All they are doing is making criminals from law abiding citizens. I wonder how they will enforce their stupid laws after they get rid of the police departments. It'll be open season on criminals. Catch um and shoot um, no one will be coming.

   0    0
Thor Kill
Thor Kill 21 days ago

The inevitable actions are logical conclusion to the extending the life of satan. He wants to outlaw human weapons while simultaneously owning them all.

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