Gun_Sam 02 Jun 2019

Hornady Critical Defense .38 Special - All Loads Tested - 2" and 4" Barrel

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Testing all of the available Hornady Critical Defense ammunition chambered in .38 Special and .38 Special+P. I am testing for velocity and accuracy in both a 4" and 1.875" barrel and am running each round through both barrel lengths into my ballistic medium (4 layers of denim followed by 1.75" of bologna followed by 3/8" particle board followed by 6 gallon jugs of water). Special thanks to Kenneth S. for supplying all of the ammunition and other testing supplies for this video!
Always appreciative of any channel help :)

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usr1987 9 months ago

Hey Sam. I am considering my first 357 revolver. I shot 5 shot 4inch GP100 and also the 6 inch 6 shot GP100. I loved the 6 inch but wanted more capacity. Is the RedHawk with 5.5 inch barrel something i should look at?

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Gun_Sam 9 months ago

I believe that all GP100's chambered in .357 Magnum are 6 and 7 shot. Redhawk's are nice but bulkier. In my opinion the Redhawk is a better revolver as the grip frame is full size rather than the tang grip of the GP100.

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