Walter Keller
Walter Keller 09 Jul 2019

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How It's Made SHTF 50 BMG Rifle

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How It's Made SHTF 50 BMG Rifle. Walter Keller Safety Harbor Firearms 50bmg Magazine Fed or Single Shot Bolt Action Upper for AR-15 Rifle Lower. Safety Harbor Firearms for a fraction of the price of the barrett M82 with no background check required for the upper as seen in the 50 bmg vs. running car by 704 tactical.

Follow the process with Walter Keller from raw blocks of aluminum to test firing the SHTF 50 BMG This caliber was developed for demolition and is the ultimate round for sniper rifles. How its manufactured, and assembled by Safety Harbor Firearms. SHTF50 or "when shit hits the fan" affordable sniper rifle in 50BMG (Browning Machine Gun).

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