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How the Iron Clasp Cam Latch Rifle Case saved my rifle from damages!

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Looking for a rifle case that will protect your firearm? Look no further! The Iron Clasp Cam Latch Case is the perfect option. This case features a hard outer shell and soft inner lining to keep your rifle safe and sound. Plus, it includes a built-in cam latch system to keep your gun securely in place. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use this case!

"Hello, folks; this is Nito AP2020 Outdoors. I just want to thank Cedar Mill for sending out this awesome single rifle case. You know, I have owned several rifle cases over the years; some were built like a tank, and some were soft side. Here's one of the cases I use a lot on my travel just to run about. I'll tell you why I've sewed zippers so many times because this case failed, just not lasting too long. So let's go ahead and take a detailed look at Cedar Mill's rifle case. One thing you will notice immediately is the latching system. These latches are robust, all in steel construction, and then close easily, just pretty much quarter turn lockdown. When these are latched down, you've got holes on either side to run a padlock. The other nice feature is that top-end rifle cases or actually protective cases actually have an air valve that you can adjust for fairing air pressures, for example, if you are flying in an airplane. One thing nice about Ar-15s and AR-10s is they're pretty much the same form factor, the same shape. There's my 224 Valkyrie, and here's my AR-10. Snug as a bug in a rug. There's my AR-9 9mm PCC. Here's my classic 223-556, and then here is a 300 blackout pistol, no issues. One thing nice about this foam these are like in blocks, so you can segment them. I've got two different scopes that I run pretty much just utilizing the Bow Bro engineering one-piece detachable. Then I have typical 30-millimeter rings. Fits as well. Just like that, we'll get it closer up. That latch is so easy. This case from Cedar Mills weighs 13.42 pounds, empty. With my 224 Valkyrie and scope, it's roughly 23 and a half pounds. And that's an important concern if you're traveling via airlines. Most airlines are going to hit you with overweight and oversized luggage fees. In this case, you won't get hit with either one. Pretty awesome. Obviously, it is TSA-approved. Pretty solid case. I'm going to put the link in the video description below. Cedar Mill is pretty awesome. These folks are out of Manhattan, Montana. They got a deal on Instagram if you hashtag Cedar Mill Firearms. It's a referral program. Share with your friends. You get 10% off your next purchase, and they get 25% off their next purchase. Just go ahead and sign up at CedarMill FineFirearms.com. All right, folks, it's Nedo AP 2020 outdoors. And remember, support the Second Amendment. And I thank you. We'll see you all later." - Nito AP 2020 outdoors

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