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HOW-TO CHOOSE // The Best Bolt Carrier Group for Your AR-15 Build

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Published on 13 Sep 2018 / In General

Have you ever wondered if you've got the Best Bolt Carrier Group for the money? Today let's talk about HOW-TO CHOOSE the Best Bolt Carrier Group for your AR-15 Build.
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Most EPIC BCG I've Ever Seen
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Brownell's BCG's
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► http://bit.ly/2xbKAiR

Titanium Nitride
► http://bit.ly/2xgDpqD

Actual Titanium Alloy
► http://bit.ly/2xazVVC


MCP – Free shipping over $49

NCS – $15 off $150 + Free S/H

M8Y – $20 off $200 + Free S/H

Bolt Carrier Staking Tool

BCG's From This Video

Stag Arms

► http://bit.ly/2xeLrPS

Nickel Boron
► http://bit.ly/2x8ncDK

► http://bit.ly/2xlM2zp

Aero Precision BCG's

All Models
► http://bit.ly/2x8QO3T

FAIL ZERO EXO Coated Bolt Carrier Group
► http://bit.ly/2vrBReB

► https://goo.gl/zuuAP1

Lantac E-BCG

$75 Off w/ 0.99 cent Membership
► https://goo.gl/ycbp2X


► http://shrsl.com/15z2h
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► http://bit.ly/2xf6W30

Sharps Rifle Company XPB BCG
► http://shrsl.com/15z2n

Code: WORK7 for 5% OFF

Cleaning Tools

5% OFF Shooter Lube - Code TTB
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OTIS Bone Tool
► http://bit.ly/2xbj2e6

Otis Rip Cord
► http://bit.ly/2x8VfM5

Otis Brushes
► https://amzn.to/2Qrop0X

OTIS Kit w/ Bone Tool
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the_AR15_Junkie 6 days ago

Video is about 16 minutes too long.

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theTIVANshow 6 days ago

how to pick just buy the HMBbolt from HM DEFENSE

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xX_ACE_Xx 7 days ago

I fukkin love this. full30 and GunStreamer is awesome

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