ApexTactical 20 Sep 2022

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How To Install The Apex Striker In The FN 509, FNS & FNS-C

In General

Apex's Scott Folk walks you through the proper procedure for installing the Apex Heavy Duty Striker in an FN 509. This process is the same for the FNS and FNS Compact models.

Apex Upgrades for FN Pistols

Apex Heavy Duty Striker –> http://bit.ly/ApexStrikerforFN
Action Enhancement Kits –> http://bit.ly/ApexThatFN509
Apex Threaded Barrel –> http://bit.ly/ApexFN509Bbl
Apex Failure Resistant Extractor –> http://bit.ly/ApexFN509Extractor
Action Enhancement Kits for FNS –> http://bit.ly/ApexThatFNS
Action Enhancement Kits for FNS Compact –> http://bit.ly/ApexThatFNS-C
Disassembly Fixture for FN 509/FNS-C –> http://bit.ly/FN509Fixture

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