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Gear Report 17 Apr 2018

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Humvee Upgrade: LED Headlights for the HMMWV, Jeep, Land Rover, Harley Davidson -


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See the full step by step installation instructions and how to deal with two issues some folks encounter in our full written review:

All the stuff in the video:
LED 24V headlights: ➜
*Update: here are 2 alternate headlights that HMMWV owners have reported success with:
-Turbo SII LED headlights: ➜
-Brightsky 2pcs 7 Inch 75w White LED Round Headlights: ➜
Bullet connectors: ➜
Dielectric grease: ➜
Wire terminal crimper: ➜
Packard military wire connectors on ebay: ➜
HMMWV stuff on ebay: ➜

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Some light surrounds have a raised lip on the inside that has to be bent out of the way for the lights to fit properly. The full written review shows how to deal with this:

Here is our current favorite LED headlight option for upgrading the lights on a military surplus HMMWV. These headlights also fit many Jeeps, H1 Hummer, H2 Hummer and Land Rovers.

The Project Humvee Battlewagon military surplus HMMWV got new 24V LED headlights. In this video Jeff shows how to install the HMMWV LED headlights, including making a wiring harness.

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