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Gear Report 17 Apr 2018

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Rock Solid Industries Mosin Nagant and K31 Products - Shot Show 2016


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Ken at Rock Solid Industries gets us up to speed on new RSI products for 2016. Check out the video for more details on:

Mosin Low Pro scope mount
K31 scope mount with Scout base and bridge mount.
K31 peep sight
K31 10 round box magazine (!!)
Mosin bolt spring
Mosin Nagant Zipper Strip stripper clip
K31 bolt spring
Muzzle brakes and flash suppressors
Trigger shoes
New Mosin Nagant and K31 laminate stock from RSI and Bluegrass Gun Works
Mosin action screws with hex heads
LEFT HANDED Mosin Nagant bolt!
Berdan primer pocket clean-up tool for reloading European Berdan primed brass
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