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Gear Report 17 Apr 2018

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Lithgow Arms F90 Steyr AUG derivative ATRAX bullpup rifle - NRA 2016 -


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Lithgow Arms Atrax Bullpup F90 Steyr AUG derivative rifle - NRA 2016

As the Gear Report team was literally walking out the door at the NRA Show for our 9 hour drive back to NC Chris saw Josh from Lithgow Arms walking by and carrying what looked like a modified Steyr AUG. Chris knows all too well my Bullpup addiction and snagged Josh for a quick intro... which led to this video and the promise of a demo gun for us to review soon.

This gun is so new that Lithgow Arms doesn't even have it listed on their website yet.

Steyr mags from Brownell's:
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