Blackcat_Outdoors 25 Nov 2018

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checking out the gear I'm taking into the woods with me for opening day of firearms season here in PA.

sorry about the cut off at the end. I had some technical difficulty with the live stream. check out part two for the end of Q&A.

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Squib 1 year ago

Similar to Dusty's ( grandfather's knife that I used to gut the second deer that I got.
I keep a pen and notepad to make notes for the next hunt.
Sandhills Shooter recommended AI gloves after my first deer hunt. They came in handy on my second as they go all the way up to my shoulder.
Your backup gun I would call my sidearm: caliber that is legal for hunting in Michigan, and good for self defense or putting down a wounded animal.
Dog - portable. Great idea. Mine is not.
I do not like being on the range with those guys either. Only see them in October and November. Rude.

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Blackcat_Outdoors 1 year ago

Pen and note pad is an excellent idea. Pen at least to fill out tags. The higher gloves would be a decent addition as well. Definitely keep your clothes from getting bloody better.

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