76HighboyReloading 22 Nov 2016

I'm Bought Out by Dillon and Redding, I'm a Phony, I Own My Own Reloading Store, I Can't Even Reload

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Below is the comment left by Jesse Horton this morning. God bless and thanks for watching. Highboy


Jesse Horton 13 hours ago
You must get paid by Redding. Don't get me wrong, I too love Redding I think they are the best and I use a lot of their products. But you speak of them like you are paid to. Also, I've watched a lot of your videos and I see a lot of set up and product demonstration, but I don't know as if I've ever seen you actually reload ammo. Do you own a reloading store? If you did that would make sense. And if you aren't paid by Redding, I find your overwhelming promotion of their products to be strange. Not trying to be rude, you just have ALL this reloading stuff but never make actual reloading videos.
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76Highboy Reloading (Highboy Reloading) 1 hour ago
I thought about your comment today so I am changing my reply. I have never been paid by Redding, Hornady or Dillon, or anybody as far as that goes. I have no sponsors. I run what I want and I say what I want about it. This is my channel and my money. Do companies send me product from time to time? Yes, but if they never do that is just fine by me. I have my own money. Ask me if I care. I say if you can learn from me fine, if not and you don't come back, ask me if I care. Jesse, do you ever see anywhere in my videos where I beg for anyone's subscription? I have never cared about the subscriber numbers... ask me if I care. I just want to help the Second Amendment supporters and that is what I care about.

Some people are funny, maybe you are one of them... maybe not. They see my videos and assume I am bought out, but the truth is I drive a 40 year old truck and an 18 year old rice burner and I only drive my rice burned two miles a day. We have never paid interest on credit cards or any kind of loan like that. Always cash. So people judge me by my equipment when in reality people pay as much in interest on their loans for their vehicles and etc... and if they did not do that they could have three times what I have. It's just that I have chose Redding and Dillon for my channel and people assume I am paid off without walking in my shoes.

As far as me reloading, my channel is not about me. I would just like to help others reload. If anyone thinks I really do not reload... ask me if I care.

If you ever need any more clarification feel free to send me your phone number to groundzeroreloading@gmail.com and then we can chat reloading. I like to talk the technical jargon and then you will find your answer to, "Do I really reload?"

Thanks Jesse, hope to hear from you Sir.

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