Ms_K 03 Jul 2020

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I changed my Mind [ Rockin w/the SigSauer M400 Tread ]

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#ArmyVeteran #2A #SigSauer #AR15

Yes,I changed my Mind.I'm getting the Sig Sauer M400 Tread instead of the Diamond back DB15.

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Doublefeed 5 months ago

The Vortex Strike Fire II red dot was or still is made in China if that's a concern for you. Can't speak for the quality as I have never owned one but for me it's more about our dollars helping to build their military and at some point they may also end up completely controlling our economy. My apologies for the political rant. I only mention this because you're ex-Army. I own two newer Aimpoint PRO's recently purchased and an older Aimpoint 5000 2X that I bought back in the early 90's that's almost 30 years old and still works fine. Don't see Sweden as any type of threat anytime soon. Have a good one!

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