Caleb Downing
Caleb Downing 08 Apr 2018

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I Fixed James Yeager's Light!

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As the title states, I think I fixed the issues with James Yeager's lights. Ever since James announced that he had talked Surefire into making his special light, there has been great anticipation for it to get released. At Shot Show the light was introduced to the marked and again a lot of people were taking notice of it. I ordered one through Optics Planet and had a discount code that brought the total down to $120. I figured that was a deal I couldn't pass up. Well, I have had the light here for a few days and have already had a few issues. This video shows those issues and offers some insight into how to fix them. Let me know what you think down in the comments. Thank ya'll for watching and enjoy!

Orbtronic 16650 Rechargeable Battery:

Surefire Tactician:

AF ;)

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