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Caleb Downing 13 Apr 2018

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I Shot Off My Finger!!! (8-1-17)

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No, this is not click bait. I didn't shoot my finger off exactly but I did shoot myself in the hand which did lead to getting my finger cut off. So if you call me an idiot and you won't be the first one, but you should learn something from my mistake. Always train on your new equipment, and never-ever-ever get complacent with your firearms. This video is to answer the unasked questions I'm sure folks have thought, as well as to be a help to anyone who has the unfortunate decision of whether or not to get a ray resection.

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Higgins 2 years ago

You must know we were all wondering if you would shoot another one off showing us how you shot the first one off.

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GunsBeUs 4 years ago were "f-ing" around with a striker-fired pistol...

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SHELLBACK 4 years ago

Sorry to hear that this accident happened to you. I know that I go against the new common wisdom ever since the Glocks were introduced . NO SAFETY. Well if you had a safety on your piece this may not have happened. We all mess up at some point and nobody's 100% all the time. Safeties prevent our mistakes. Now some say that what if you forget to flip the safety off well what if you forget to drop your pants before you poop. If I do an administrative draw I don't flip the safety off or when I generally handle the pistol. But if I intend to shoot that safety comes off as I draw and as the weapon leaves the holster. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Good luck to you. Are you still a cop?

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Caleb Downing
Caleb Downing 4 years ago

Solid points man, I can relate to your humor. Each to their own for sure. I'm not a cop anymore, unrelated to the incident, we've moved to another state for my wife's job.

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wedjim 4 years ago

Scary stuff that can happen to anyone, could have been much worse, luckily it wasn’t. Note to anyone who gets a new holster, gun or other tactical item, practice without one in the chamber. I do prefer to use a firearm with ammunition in it though, so the weight is accurate.

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OutOfCali 5 years ago

Now, if only people would learn from others mistakes!

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SAR1076 6 years ago

Wow, sorry to hear about this. In my CCW classes I go over different carry options and highly stress that people practice with a training blue gun or an empty gun (dry fire) hundreds of times before they carry live fire. Thanks for the learned lesson.

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TungstenCarbide 6 years ago

I lost a toe to a work related accident so I understand the invisible appendage cramps and they

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Nowr2run 6 years ago

First time watcher of your vids. & I DON'T THINK YOUR AN IDOT FOR WHAT YOU DID. Don't let anybody tell you different, striker fired guns are much more dangerous than guns with a safety. Yes the trigger has to be pulled but it can be pulled or caught on something & go BOOM. I have striker fired handguns but I prefer handguns with a REAL SAFETY. YES WE WHO HANDLE GUNS TEND TO GET LAX WITH THEM AFTER AWHILE & THAT MY FRIEND CAN BE FOOLISH. VERY BIG of you to post what happened but PLEASE DON'T CALL YOURSELF AN IDIOT, these striker fired guns with NO REAL SAFETY EXCEPT YOUR FINGER & YOUR HEAD ARE THE CAUSE OF ALOT OF PEOPLE SHOOTING THEMSELVES. GREAT VID BROTHER.

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3 years ago

You're uneducated on the matter. Striker Fired guns have safeties as well. At least three or four in most cases.

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76HighboyReloading 6 years ago

Accidents can happen to anyone, thank God you didn't shoot anybody else. What you just shared might just help somebody and nobody should judge you because as humans we all make mistakes. Highboy

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Vonhawk 6 years ago

what do your do for gloves?

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Caleb Downing
Caleb Downing 6 years ago

If the glove is a liner or another light weight material, I'll just flip one finger inside-out. If it's a work glove or a heavy glove then I'll just let the index finger hang out.

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