Squib 16 Sep 2020

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If I Could Only Have One Gun Challenge (Gunstreamer Only)

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My M1 Garand is my favorite gun. It is fun to shoot and as a collector of milsurp rifles it is the most enjoyable to procure accessories for and study. I have had the rifle for 20+ years and never acquired a bayonet for it. This challenge was the motivation for me to do that. Along the way I am adding accessories for my other milsurp rifles if the vendor selling Garand accessories has parts for those in stock.

Some information on the Italian M1 Bayonet:

Ported Gas Plug link:

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westcovinadodge 10 days ago

black nickle 168gr in a nickle case sure looks sexy. Thanks for the vid squibb.

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Squib 10 days ago

This is a repost. I got complaints of the video glitching out. It didn't right after I published it and it didn't from my smartfone a few hours later, but it did for me when I got home from work. I resaved the video with a lower resolution. Hopefully this fixes it. I saved the comments that were made before deleting the first video. Thanx for Watchin'
NC Gun Guy 5 hours ago
Great selection as the one gun. I have one and it is also the one gun for me if I could only have one. It’s a lot of sentimental reasons as it was my wife’s uncles. I have other rifles I enjoy shooting more than my M1 but none that would replace it as the one. Thanks for sharing.

DavidBowling 8 hours ago
hey Squibby
Squib 7 hours ago
Hope you enjoyed the video

MadSexy 8 hours ago
Im trying to watch it but it wont stop bugging
Squib 7 hours ago
I got some complaints about wagging or having trouble leaving comments from people on the YouTube side so I went back and watched it on my fone and I don't have any issues.

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