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Ghost Tactical 05 Dec 2018

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Implement Training In Everyday Life, Tactical Response & Venture Gear GAW: #TacticalTuesday ep 69

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How to Implement Training Into Everyday Life: Tactical Tuesday ep 69

In this episode, we talk about what to do with the knowledge you learned at a training class. We will discuss what to do once you get home from a training class, how do you implement it to your everyday life.

Make sure to check out the amazing training at Tactical Response with James Yeager. It changed my mind on a lot of things. Check them out here:

#TacticalResponse #VentureGearTactical

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Credit: Trey Miller

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I_Shoot_My_AK_Naked 3 years ago

Hank sent me here to win.

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PewPewPark 3 years ago

Great video. I agree btw. Hank Strange should bring the brony bag to SHOT show. Shame it’s probably too late to apply, not that I’m big enough on YouTube to get accepted. I’d like to see that!

   0    0
chris bullis
chris bullis 3 years ago

ok ghost tactical if you pick me i will make sure hank wears the brony bag at shot show.

   0    0
MidnightRangeTM 3 years ago

Beware the brony ghost!!!!!

   0    0
Armament_and_Axes 3 years ago

I have been subbed to you since the time I joined gunstreamer . You are rolling around on the ground but at least you aren't wearing a "Brony" bag to mess up!!

   0    0
UnkleMike5012 Bryant
UnkleMike5012 Bryant 3 years ago

Hey hey, Ghost. Hank Strange nation has your 6!

   0    0
Patriot InTheDark
Patriot InTheDark 3 years ago

Another fine show. Great job

   0    0

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