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Incoming gun control? This is how we win at 2A!

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With gun control legislation always looming, let's take a minute and have a serious, long talk about how I think we can win at 2A. PLEASE check the links below and promote/support these awesome people fighting the good fight. Also, be sure to leave a comment if there is small grass roots organization I failed to mention. I know there are many out there and they ALL deserve our support.

Walk The Talk America

2A4E Diversity Shoot

DC Project

1 Million Moms Against Gun Control

Aiming For The Truth

Pink Pistols

Black Guns Matter

Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association

Hold My Guns

Operation Blazing Sword

Guns For Everyone

Kids SAFE Foundation

A Girl And A Gun

00:00 What We Are Talking About
01:56 Why I Made This Video
05:50 What I Do Not Understand
11:25 Organizations You Need To Know
20:20 Thoughts & Challenges

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