John Crump
John Crump 01 Feb 2019

Infanticide, MAGA Attackers, anti-racist racist, and Coffee

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There was a bill proposed and defeated in Virginia that would allow abortion all the way up to childbirth. Even a lot of pro-abortion people were against it. The VA Governor seemed to think this bill didn't go far enough and suggested pro-birth abortion is the way to go. Or did he?

The Smash Racism DC Antifa leader was arrested and charged with assault and ethnic intimidation after attacking Hispanic Marines and yell racial slurs at them. Irony calling.....He is a scum bag

Former Starbucks CEO and founder, Howard Schultz, seems to be planning to run a campaign for president as an independent. Schultz was a Democrat but is too centrist for the party.

He does not believe in socialism and in his words, "too liberal for the Republican Party, and too pro-American for the Democrats."

Everyone's favorite punching bag AOC says he is a billionaire and that should disqualify him. Warren says he doesn't know what it is like to be an average American. He did grow up in a ghetto and became a Billionaire. He did something right. All the Dems are freaking out! I love it.

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