LoadsOfBacon 14 Apr 2018

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Introduction: Powder Coated Cast Lead Hollow Point Bullet Testing

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This is the introductory video to a series I am starting - a long experiment testing powder coated cast lead hollow point bullets made from various alloys and fired at various velocities.

Join me as I attempt to discover: what takes place when powder coated hollow points are fired in the .44 and .38/.357 at various velocity levels? What are the effects of varying bullet hardness at these velocities?

The Lee 358-158-RF mold was hollow pointed by Erik Ohlen at http://www.hollowpointmold.com/
The 44 Keith SWC mold is the "MP 432-256 PB HP 4 cav" mold from https://www.mp-molds.com/

Consolidated test results: https://docs.google.com/spread....sheets/d/1Tb_gBX5ALi

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