PewPewPark 30 Jul 2020

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Is Grandmaster Jay ignorant or lying?

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After a negligent discharge at one of his group's rallies that left 3 people injured NFAC founder and leader, Grandmaster Jay lashes out at people bringing attention at potential lack of proper safety training claiming the AR15 can fire by itself when the bolt closes forward. Is he purposely being dishonest to avoid taking ownership of the ND and lapses in safety training or he is that ignorant on how firearms work? In this video I show that the AR15 bolt going forward does NOT cause the weapon to discharge.

Opening/Closing music: American Frontiers by Aaron Kenny (via Youtube Audio Library)


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Reloader59 3 months ago

Clearly, Grandmaster Jay, has no clue about how that gun works. One if the gun knocks you down, you don't know what you are doing. Two, Just because the bolt goes forward does not mean that it fired, so he has no clue how the gun works. Just another looser trying to blame something else for his ignorance. Typical for his generation, blame everybody or anything because your a dumbass.

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PewPewPark 3 months ago

His AR15 looks much heavier than mine but I'm sure I could still shoot it 1 handed with my off hand like I did with mine.

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