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It's Official: Trump Bans Bump Stock, GOA Files Lawsuit

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It's Official: Trump Bans Bump Stock, GOA Files Lawsuit

“A 90 period now begins which persons in possession of bump stock type devices must turn those devices to an ATF field office, or destroy them by March 21,”

Hours after the Trump Administration signaled that it would administratively move to ban ‘bump stocks,’ which allow semi-automatic weapons to be fired at a much more rapid rate, lawmakers in both parties said it was time for the Congress to enact those regulations into law, as opponents of the decision vowed to immediately challenge the President’s plan in court.

GOA Lawsuit Info:

ATF Final Rule on Bump Stocks:

DOJ Press Release on Bump Stock Ban:

Local ATF Office Locations:

ATF Bump Stock Destruction Instructions:


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Doublefeed 8 months ago

Trump is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment!

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4271JHNSN 8 months ago

100% agree

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 8 months ago

I can 100% guarantee him one less vote after this.

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