GunFreedomRadio 25 Aug 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP338 How I Carry with Tara Craft

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Our guest today is Tara Craft. Tara is a firearms instructor, blogger, and Second Amendment advocate who shares her experiences as a female gun owner on various social media platforms.
Tara began her Instagram account, “How I Carry”, as a way to document the challenges of learning to carry a concealed firearm, which led to her and her husband founding Gen2 Training, LLC to offer beginner classes to their rural community.
She is a member of the DC Project and Virginia Citizens Defense League, and Tara believes that Second Amendment rights are for everyone and encourages everyone to advocate for the right to bear arms.
1) Walk us through your journey from passively supporting the Second Amendment to actively advocating for it.
2) Your videos are clever and effective. The Hard Knock Life video, regarding obstacles facing new gun owners, was particularly powerful. Was there a specific moment that caused you to make that one?
3) Everyone has a day-one at learning something. Why does it seem so difficult to promote acceptance and education without shaming our newcomers?
4) This might be a newsflash to some people, but with gun ownership on the rise, it is more obvious than ever that is no “typical” gun owner. Talk to us about that.
5) You have stated that you won’t “lose your guns in a boating accident” – what does this phrase mean?

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