Sootch00 19 Mar 2019

James River Armory Forged Receiver M-14 Review

In General

James River Armory Forged Receiver M-14 is a collaboration between JRA and Bula Defense. These are made M-14 rifles with Forged Receivers. Big thanks to Classic Firearms for Sending the JRA M-14 for the review.

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jwollman7 4 months ago

Should of known Hickok45 wouldn't be far away...

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P_R_L 4 months ago

So happy you came over to Gunstreamer!

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noncompliant 4 months ago

I got mine (22") last year from Classic Firearms. It is a joy to shoot. If you're on the fence, come on over, I doubt you'll regret it. Love the wood stock, the rifle is well finished. Shoot on!

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hackmeister 4 months ago

I've had mine for about a year. Still love it. I picked up the Bassett scope mount for it. Very accurate rifle.

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