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January 2023 Q&A - Tombstone - Wyatt Earp - The "Old West"

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This month's Q&A is focused on historical topics surrounding specifically Tombstone, AZ, the Old West & the Wyatt Earp - both the truth and the mythology.

Sean S.
Who is the person that is passed off as Holliday in most photos, and what is the history around that?

Why are the Earps are so prolific in Western lore, and where did it start?

Max S
The bottled in bond act of 1897 was the first food regulation, before that rectifiers put everything from tobacco spit to iodine in whiskey. What was the whiskey of choice for Earp and the west of the time. Brown-Forman produced the first consistently bottled and stamped bourbon of the time. A history of Bourbon is a history of the US (look at the Whiskey Rebellion) so I'm curious how it ties in here.

Sean S.
During the fight at the OK Corral what was the caliber of the shotgun used was it 12ga or 10ga? No info I have seen has said what it was.

tangential, feel free to ignore, but what do you think of this "Tombstone" rifle and its advertisement?

(More seriously): What is a little detail or tidbit about the gunfight and the parties involved that a lot of pop culture has actually gotten surprisingly right?

Nick B
After the "˜Vendetta Ride' by some of the Earps and Doc Holliday among others, it is my understanding that they did not and could not return to Tombstone because there were warrants out for their arrest (the movies inevitably gloss over this issue). What ever became of those charges and was Wyatt Earp forced to avoid Arizona or at least Tombstone for the rest of his days?

Derrill G
Were there ever any charges or trials for the attacks on Morgan and Virgil Earp?

Nick B
Sorry to keep peppering you with questions but this topic is such fun (feel free to use any or none, of course). I thought it was mythical but a couple of decades ago I read an article arguing at least somewhat convincingly that Edward Judson aka "Ned Buntline" did gift long barrel Colt's to Wyatt Earp and a few other lawmen and Earp used his at the OK Corral. What say you?

Brian J
Speaking of fights, what's your take on the outcome of the Fitzsimmons vs. Sharkey boxing match?

Matthew J
What's the best depiction of the famous fight? How do you judge them?

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