Browning 07 Jun 2013

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Jared Wihongi -- Edged Weapon Expert -- Browning Pro Staff video

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In this video Browning's tactical knife expert Jared Wihongi gives insider tips on the role of knives in tactical situations. Jared is the co-designer of the Browning Black Label Tactical Knife series (working with Russ Kommer). They have created not only a line of superb quality blades, but also knives that actually deliver in tactical situations. Watch this video and you will know why. Jared is an expert with knives and has extreme training. His background is as a police officer and SWAT team member.

Jared Wihongi is an expert and professional trained in bladed weapon defense methods and techniques. Never train or practice these techniques with knives or other blades without expert supervision.

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