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Joe Rogan Debate with Gun Control proponent

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Joe Rogan Gun Control

Right, the document that was drafted by some of the brightest minds in History and established basic rights for All Americans is silly.

We can’t just create a law and instantly all the guns go away and as I eluded before, if that worked, there’d be no drugs in America.

Based on Pete’s logic, the more guns a country has the more gun-related homicides.

The US has the most guns in the world, yet we rank 30th in gun Gun-related homicides. Do I really need to say anything else?

So basically, you want to get rid of every gun because they’re all semi-automatic and none of them shoots faster than the other. My semi-auto handgun shoots just as fast as my AR. (The More You Know)

Did you ever stop to think that there are so many guns out there because people actually want them?

The government using the money I pay in taxes to offer me a fraction of what I paid for my gun isn’t going to incentivize me to sell it back to them when I can sell the gun on the commercial market for double or triple what the government is offering?

And let’s just be honest, if the government gave me more than I what I paid for the gun, I’d sell my gun back and use the money to go buy a more expensive gun or the same gun and then some ammo.

We already have the law banning fully automatic, it’s called the National Firearms act. If you ask me, that law is unconstitutional as hell. The 2nd Amendment didn’t say, only these guns, it said arms.

You banned the machine guns and now you want to ban the semi-autos, yeah, what were you saying about compromise again?

Mass Shootings make less than 1% of gun deaths in this country but you want to ban guns because of something that happens less than 1% of the gun deaths.

Home invasions happen exceedingly more times than mass shootings do. Millions of people each year use guns to defend their lives, Pete you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Just so you know. The average number of home invasions per year from 1994 to 2010 was One million thirty thousand. That sounds pretty realistic to me.

We are a free society. Plain and simple, we are the freest country in the world, that’s why.

It’s why you can say the ridiculous things you’re saying without being prosecuted. We are country that prioritizes freedom and if you don’t have the means to effectively check your government or effectively defend your life and or family you are not free.

The most effective tool to do all those things is the gun. This is why other countries regulate guns the way they do because they don’t prioritize freedom.
You’ve said a lot of misinformed things, Pete. A lot!
Unfortunately, there too many people out there saying the same misinformed things.

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