Justin_Opinion 01 Nov 2019

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DNFU 1 year ago

I have a Ruger 22/45 mark III where the loaded chamber indicator causes misfeeds, and jams regularly. When I remove the LCI the pistol works without fail like it should. LCI's are just one more useless piece of junk to over complicate and raise the price on firearms for no good reason.

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Frank4548 1 year ago

I have four hand guns: My CZ 97B is the only handgun with a loaded chamber indicator and it is located at the top of the slide. It is stupid, I never refer to it and forgot it was there only to be reminded of it during a gun cleaning when it was missing. CZ replaced it for free under warranty. It still don't use it. It is still stupid. Side Note: I tried to rack my Sig Sauer P220 the same way you racked your Sig Sauer P320 xcompact - couldn't do it.

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TheSteelHunter 1 year ago

Idc about them one way or the other but your reasons for disliking them are pretty weak too. I kept waiting for a good reason to dislike them but came up empty basically. I don't put optics on handguns. That's for gear queers and competition shooters. No thanks.

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TheSteelHunter 1 year ago

I too....am opinionated. lol :D

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Vmax1992 1 year ago

Good to see you here, from a former DE resident now in NH.

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JDL1911 1 year ago

It's about time! Glad to see you here.

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Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 1 year ago

My guns are always loaded so...

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Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 1 year ago

Well, you are on Gunstreamer, so I'll follow, support and subscribe!

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PewHeretic 1 year ago

When PR influences R&D prices invariable go up and functionality goes down. A conscientious gun toter who's mastered his own situational awareness is the only indicator needed. The bad guy's only indication of a loaded firearm is either "click" or "boom."

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tmutant 1 year ago

The peephole is doubly useless. You can't even make "check it in the dark" argument. If you loaded your home defense gun, you should know it's loaded. You shouldn't need a loaded chamber indicator or a press check.

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dawgbone86 1 year ago

Congratulations welcome to gunstreamer

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noncompliant 1 year ago

The indicator is a so not needed part IMHO. Who's gonna look at it anyway?

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Kisin 1 year ago

Nothing wrong with Boos and hisses

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edhaney1 1 year ago

Whether there is an indicator or not means nothing to me. My guns are loaded.

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RobertM 1 year ago

Agree. Shooters should know if their gun is loaded or not. I don't like chamber indicators either. I think most gun manufacturers are covering their safety liabilities or legalities.

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