GunFreedomRadio 30 Sep 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP258 Heels to Holster with Shirley Watral

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Our guest today is Shirley Watral. Shirley is an NRA certified firearms instructor, empowerment motivational speaker, and author of “Heels to Holster”. This book is a memoir of how she discovered the warrior inside as she survived an abusive relationship and thrived in the aftermath.
She serves as the Secretary on the Board of Women Outdoor Media Association (WOMA) which focuses on increasing media attention for women in the fields of shooting, hunting, fishing and archery and she is the DC Project Florida State Director.
1) Tell us about your book Heels to Holster.
a. What’s the book about?
b. What was the catalyst that inspired you to write the book?
c. What did you want to accomplish by publishing your story?
2) Being your own first responder goes beyond simply owning a firearm, but since we are talking to the millions of brand new first-time gun owners, and the millions more who are still contemplating the move to being a firearm owner, what can you tell us about taking on that responsibility?
3) As a survivor of domestic violence, what do you see that can be done to lower the number of domestic violence cases?
4) Off air we spoke about the importance of scenario training. Tell our listeners what we mean by that.

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