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Ghost Tactical 10 Feb 2018

Kalashnikov USA: 9mm AK Series: Shot Show 2018: Ghost Tactical Productions

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Kalashnikov USA: AK 9mm Series: Shot Show 2018: Ghost Tactical Productions

Ghost Tactical Productions
Credit: Trey Miller

In this video, we will be covering Kalashnikov USA from SHOT Show 2018. We will be focusing on the 9mm AK platform. There are three versions of this model, the regular 16” rifle, the 9mm AK SBR, and the 9mm AK Pistol.
I had the fortune of talking with Andrew about all three models. I am very excited about these models because of the versatility of the 9mm round and the quality of the AK platform. It’s a match made in heaven. Please check out Kalashnikov USA at the following:






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