ShootinWithUncleDan 14 Dec 2019

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Keltec CP33 With A Pistol Brace!

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How is it , folks?
Now when she comes profession when it is there, it hardly express what's in Oklahoma. Today. An awesome little Celtic CP 33 in this brace made by a company called Paralytic number, Leave a link to that I'm really loving the US uses a Tailhook. It's collapsible you No got 10 rounds in the gun. I got a six inch steel down there. 25 rounds.
It'll take a lot of time hoping to demonstrated problem having when I try to put a round in the battery, and we'll talk about that a little bit. We'll see if it'll do it. Okay. Now when you know it
If it were maybe on the next bag like saying only 10 rounds in this one.
Get back on the last night. I don't know. You can hear it Hit on a steel horse hockey in the Maggs are very snow. Hopefully this time
Uh, going to batter You may just be a break in deal, but so anyway, we'll say, and India
Okay, Let me tell you what happens if you don't want to go into battle have never had it not going to battery.
The wild firing so far have been. No malfunction is a little over 300 rounds. Guys full the magazine down little bit, pull back on the charge and they'll let her go and then send her on home. I don't want to do it with a bag that will say
So I think this bag has got 20. So my rounds in it will go again. Here is, uh, you know, and just Ah,
You enjoy shooting? It's about to get dark. Don't show that the camera.
Lock back on the last round. You see, Sometimes the charging handle comes back. It's just a fridge in here.
ButGuys, I love this thing yesterday and went swirling with it healed. A couple's quarrel stammered this galaxy PCP red dot on it popped a light. We'll, uh
Going, Tio blasting and same thing is that it's a lot easier on the years to collapse. The stock you've got this little spring here, little clips just do there. Now, If you just go on. I mean, it's a fridge in fear. I just gotta hang on 5 50 Pair Accord to gun Weighs Nothing, Just don't jerking it back.
It may come away off, which is no big deal, but you just go until it pops in knots quickly. And so bor Sally would like to got a garage, which is the manufacturer. This topic all felt it
So far, Uh, I love re absolutely 100% recommends bubble, Dan. It's about all I got.
God bless you and over and out.

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