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Sarge C4 Defense 07 Nov 2023

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This is Sarge here at C4 Defense, today I'm going to show you my new pistol that I picked up from Anderson Manufacturing the KIGER 9C PRO. I have grown to really really like this platform. And what sets this KIGER 9C Pro apart from all the others is that this on is a Don Wick Edition: Wombat Master. Come with me as we run this beautiful beast through its paces. Checkout the @StrikeIndustriesOfficial Mass Driver, @GideonOptics2023 Omega red dot, copper pins and parts from @NDZPerformance , a beuatiful copper barrel from @LiveFreeArmory, and let's not forget we're range testing our new @DJI Mics before @shotshow in a few months. Be sure to checkout the Anderson Manufacturing Kiger 9C Pro Don Wick Wombat Master. See you on the range.


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