Tyler Hansen
Tyler Hansen 06 May 2017

Knife and Gear Sale! Benchmade, Spyderco, ESEE, Kershaw, Vertx,etc

In General

If you want to purchase a knife contact me here. wtylerhansen@gmail.com

Knives and Gear for Sale Prices
Kershaw AL Mar 4-$old
Cold Steel Talwar-$old
Benchmade 551-1$trade pending
ZT 0450CFZDP189-$old
SOG Seal Pup-$45
Spyderco Moran-$old
ESEE 6 $old
Vertx EDC Commuter Sling-$old
ZTE Axon 7-$310

Knives I'm ONLY interested in trading for
Hinderer spanto harpoon
Esee 6hm
Hinderer half track
Strider PT
Strider SNG cc
Reate Hybrid Moments
Small sebenzas
Jaroz custom
Benchmade 555-1
Lionsteel Kur
Olamic 24/7
Liong Mah warrior 2

Vertx EDC Bag Review

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