Tyler Hansen
Tyler Hansen 13 May 2017

Knife and Gear Sale! Knives, Wallets, Flashlights and a Sharpening System!

In General

As usual, comment down below if you want to buy something, then send an email to wtylerhansen@gmail.com

Sog Kiku-$70
Spyderco Para 3-$old
Steel Will Cutjack-$old
Benchmade 556-1 $old
WE 704CFb-$225
SOG Seal Pup-$old
Stat Gear Mini Samurai-$old
Olight S Mini Ti PVD-$pf
Lumintop Price Mini-$old
Massdrop Brass AAA-$old
Loyal Stricklin Envelope Wallet-$old
Recycled Firefighter Sargent -$old
Big Skinny Minimilist-$15
Leather 20mm Nato-$10
OD Green 20mm Nato-$10
Black/Green 20mm Nato-$10
Worksharp Guide Sharpening System w/upgrade kit $old

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