Tyler Hansen
Tyler Hansen 04 Feb 2018

Knife and Gear Sale! Tons of knives and EDC Gear

In General

email me at wtylerhansen@gmail.com to purchase. Must be over 18 and these knives must be legal in your area. No trades. US Sales only!

Ontario Rat 2 D2CF-$35 SOLD
Spyderco Lil Native0$95 SOLD
Benchmade Bugout with CF and original scales-$175 SOLD
GiantMouse GM4 with coin-$300 SOLD
Spyderco Stretch ZDP189-$135 SOLD
Spyderco Manix 2 Orange G10 Sprint Run-$200 SOLD
Spyderco Military Fluted Ti Rainbow-$250 Sold
ZT 0350OR-$150 SOLD
ADV Butcher-$380
Emerson Mini Horseman-$old
CRK Large Sebenza 21 Ebony Inlay-$old

EDC Gear
Acebeam EC35-$35 SOLD
Lumintop Tool AA-$15 SOLD
Hinderer Copper Investigator-$60 SOLD
Fischer Space Pen Brass with clips-$20 sold
Urban Sidekick by Urbanedcsupply $40 SOLD

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