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Gould Brothers 12 Dec 2017

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Last Trick Shooting Show of 2017 | Triple N Ranch Shooting Range, Florida | Gould Brothers VLOG

In General

We head down to Florida for our last trick shooting show of 2017 at the Triple N Ranch Shooting Range grand opening in St. Cloud, Florida. Learn more about the Triple N Ranch Shooting Ranger http://bit.ly/TripleNRanchShootingRange

Products used 👇

🔫 Winchester SX4

🎨 Custom Gun Paint http://bit.ly/DeadEyeLG

💥 Winchester Ammo: AA #9 http://bit.ly/WinAA-BassPro

👍 Choke Tubes: Trulock Chokes http://bit.ly/TrulockChokes

👀 Eyewear: ESS http://bit.ly/ESSEyePro 25% off with promo code “GBX25"

👂 Hearing Protection: WildEar http://bit.ly/WildEarPro 10% off with promo code “Gould10"

💪 MTN OPS Ignite Energy Drink http://bit.ly/mtnopsIgnite
💪 MTN OPS Ammo Meal Replacement http://bit.ly/MTNOPSAmmo

Sometimes you just need to blow something up 💥💥💥
Sonic Boom Exploding Targets http://bit.ly/SonicBoomRimfireBP

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The Gould Bros.

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