Rodney 19 Apr 2018

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Learning to Shoot USPSA from Ben Stoeger - FateofDestinee

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If you want to learn how to shoot or compete in USPSA, I'd recommend you start with those who are successful in that arena. I had the pleasure of shooting and training with Ben & Kita Stoeger recently and had a very positive experience. I had a lot to learn before meeting them and now I can see I have even more to learn. Thanks so much to both of you, Ben & Kita for your patience and your generosity. I think I have the shooting sports & USPSA addiction now :]


Background Music: The Complex Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

Remaining music was composed on FL Studio 10 Producer using RX files from P5 Audio and are royalty free for commercial purposes. Terms and conditions: As a result, I own the worldwide distribution rights to my own musical composition. Buy Exclusive FoD Art Here: PASSWORD: Destinee

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