Hickok45 17 Jul 2020

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Lee Enfield No 4 MK 1 Woods Walk

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Taking on the dangerous woods with the Lee Enfield .303 British.

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ravigowdahs 2 months ago

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PapaBud 4 months ago

I own and hunt with my L.E.303 absolutely love this rifle.

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dubois_84 6 months ago

your video won't play but others do. the time bar moves but the picture is still

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billtull 10 months ago

Sometimes you can be real funny I love your videos I've seen so many thank you

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Vin72 10 months ago

They're a great rifle. My younger sister owns a No. 4 Mk ii unfired Irish Contract rifle.

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303094 10 months ago

I do love my "Uncle Hickok" content. Great rifle, and great video, boys. Thank you.

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Eliteless333333333 12 months ago

Do you add the cost of a two liter to the price of each bullet?

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mnenn 1 year ago

Dumping yt today. Glad you're posting on this site!

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LB303 1 year ago

Say, that looks identical to my Long Branch Mk1*

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sonofaguninmo 1 year ago

Happy to be able to see Hickok45 again . I dumped youtube, facebook, twitter, google and anyone else that censors patriots. Im happy to see your videos again. Been watching for many years. Keep up the good work

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RonG47 1 year ago

Just joined Gunstreamer. This was my first deer rifle when I was 15, used to belt the crap out of my shoulder.

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jstolarski 1 year ago

this is awesome. I hate YouTube.

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bobbymason99807 2 years ago

I just got a military grade laser sight just released to the public I love it. Check it out here https://bit.ly/3r8sadS

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Snakebit357 2 years ago

I just arrived here. Another step on the way towards ditching yt.

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1 year ago

exactly. I feel like a traitor when I'm watching anti-gun, anti-American, anti-christian, anti-white, anti-conservative YouTube.

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stephenkarlsen 2 years ago

Glad your on gun streamer. I quit using that socialist platform u.t. thankyou for great content.

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SundownJim 2 years ago

First video I watched on GUNSTREAMER. My favorite Hickok45.

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Skibum4106 2 years ago

Did BSA make any significant fire arms? They made Motorcycles too

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Steven_S 2 years ago

Yes they did. BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms.

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Mrg4ull 2 years ago

Love this guy's style, best videos on the tube

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Ghillie_Ghost 2 years ago

Love the video! Love the love for WWII weapons as well!

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Lewis1969 2 years ago

Great content

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ikazanin 2 years ago

Great rifle.

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GOBRAGH2 2 years ago

2 liter at 10 meters tango down!

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GOBRAGH2 2 years ago

I'm going to wing him! *Obliterates the target* LOL!

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Longrangemojo 2 years ago

I would like to see someone make some good steel case 303

   2    0
Steven_S 2 years ago

Why? My understanding is that brass infuriates better than steel.

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Steven_S 2 years ago

@Steven_S: Make that "obdurates", not infuriates. Auto spell correction is infuriating.

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Thor Kill
Thor Kill 2 years ago

I used to have one of those

   2    0
Steven_S 2 years ago

I still do have one. Unfortunately it was spirterized at some time in the past. It is a WWII vintage piece out of the Australian armory in Lithgow. But...it was inexpensive and it shoots.

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billcarter5534 2 years ago

Have you got your free iPac tshirt yet... here it is https://bit.ly/3eWvQrX

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