Squatch Reloading
Squatch Reloading 14 Jan 2020

Lee Precision Universal Decapping Die

In General

Setup and installation of the Lee Universal Decapping Die. A great little die to get your young ones active and learning. Also get those primers removed in the process.

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Squib 8 days ago

Good reuse of the old powder jar.

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Squatch Reloading
Squatch Reloading 6 days ago

I try to go cheap so I can buy more powder lol

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Squib 6 days ago

@Squatch Reloading: I gotta drive about three hours North in order to get bulk powder. For now I've been getting 1 pound jugs, but there are a few that buying in 4 or 8 pounds would make more sense in the long run. Repurposing anything is a good idea, especially if it saves $$.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 8 days ago


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