Jeff Rodriguez
Jeff Rodriguez 19 Jan 2020

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#Liberator12k | 31 - New Break-Action Tests

In General

Still under development, but this is the current prototype for the new break-action.

The barrel is 19" of 3/4" gas pipe with a 1" pipe sleeve to reinforce the chamber area (hat tip to @CrypticCricket). The sleeve is 3" long in this particular prototype - 4" in the future 'production' models. The sleeve is epoxied on (JB Weld) to secure it in place. The front edge of the sleeve will be used to headspace the barrel against the pivoting barrel collar.

While I'm developing the gun, it's often useful to test where I'm at - to verify things are "working so far" before I continue to refine the details. In particular, you'll see a few bits that need refinement in this video:

* The pump handle can move freely; I already have some "whiteboard" plans for a latch, but no printed parts yet. So you'll see it kinda flopping around under recoil.

* The extractor tolerances need tightening.

* Pulling back on the pump should charge or "cock" the linear hammer. I still need to design a return-spring-loaded pusher to couple the pump rod to the hammer. I'll also cover the open hole at the top around that time.

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