TN.Frank 11 Jul 2019

Linux Distros ARE NOT All Created Equal.

In General

Even with the same Desktop Environment not all Linux Distros will work the same even on the same hardware. I gave Mageia, OpenMandriva, OpenSUSE, Manjaro KDE and Fedora 30 KDE a test drive on bare metal this week and none of them worked as well as Kubuntu does. In some cases software wouldn't even open of if it did it just didn't work properly. I'm not a "Linux Expert" by any means and maybe if I knew how to tweak things a bit I could have gotten things to work but why? It's 2019 and when you install a Linux Distro on your hardware it SHOULD pretty much work right out of the box. Anyway, just had to get this off of my chest. Talk to ya'll later and have an awesome day. TN.Frank Out.

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