Unspecified 16 Jan 2020

Looking at another classic, Taurus PT1911

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Today we take A look at yet another classic, The 1911 & the 1911 we are looking at today isn't the most expensive or the newest its the Taurus PT1911 yes shocker A cheaper option not nearly as nice as A Colt or Kimber, or as modern as an STI. However it is A very affordable option to have a very well built & dare I say reliable 45 ACP for home defense or just plinking.

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awesome video man everytime I look at this gun it reminds me of The A-Team when Hannibal Smith had the same gun

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Unspecified 1 month ago

Thanks for stopping by brother!, Wow i hadnt noticed that! I miss all those shows, MR. T PITTY THE FOOL!

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