Lifes_Short_Live_Free 03 May 2021

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LSLF Podcast #55 - Supporting Gun Rights vs. Cops, Battle of the Joshes, and Planned Obsolescence

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Life's Short Live Free

In this episode we talk about the battle of the Joshes, what we're into lately, we play a couple of the new LSLF podcast games(name pending) where we try to disassemble and reassemble an AK as quick as possible, planned obsolescence, which is actually a very interesting topic, and supporting gun rights and law enforcement at the same time.

Battle of the Joshes - 11:05
What are we into lately - 17:56
New games - 30:07
Planned obsolescence - 52:57
Can you support gun rights & cops? - 1:11:50

Hope you enjoy today's podcast with the Life's Short Live Free crew. If you have some good ideas for podcast topics or things you want to see let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to like the video, share it with your friends, and hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching!

Life's Short, Live Free, God Bless

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