Redleg Objective
Redleg Objective 15 Oct 2018

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M&P9 Blindfold Disassembly - VR Response to #PatriotInTheDark #BlindChallenge

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Video Response to Patriot in the Dark #BlindChallenge. This was a fun exercise to try and disassemble a firearm while blind folded. the real challenge is to try to explain how to do it to someone who cannot see. Disassembling a M&P9 is not difficult, but when you add the challenge of trying to explain to someone who would not be able to see the firearm or may not even know what it looks like you really appreciate how good Patriot in the Dark is. I know i made a lot of mistakes and missed some descriptive opportunities. Hope you enjoy and thank you #patriotinthedark for the challenge. Keep up the great work on your channel!!


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