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Seven Star Tactical 15 Sep 2020

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M17 Optics Adapter plate by Bobro Engineering - Install -

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And we're back. A little technical difficulty with Dropbox eating all of my photos and videos. In this episode, we install an optics plate by Bobro on my M17 pistol by Sig Sauer, so that we can mount another of the excellent (so far) Holosun 507c V2 Green optics.

Bobro adapter plate -

Note - Mine did not fit in the existing optics cutout. Bobro was not very helpful and was happy to point the finger at Sig and leave me hanging. Luckily I am somewhat handy, so I simply filed down the approximately 1mm difference between the plate and my optics cut. Could I have sent it to Sig? Sure, but then if it wasn't their fault, I would have to pay for shipping there and back. My pistol would be missing for about four weeks, and then I'd have to contact Bobro again. Naw, Eff that.

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