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NicTaylor00 17 May 2018

M4 AR-15 Into The Action - Epic 3 Gun Stage 1

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Using my reliable M4 5.56 NATO AR15 carbine outfitted with an AimPoint red dot reflex site and a couple of POV cameras, I shot the AR15 Targets EPIC 3-GUN Competition. My rifle ran flawless and I shot well with targets no more than 150 meters in distance. I used my trusty Beretta M9 (92FS) chambered in 9mm for my pistol of choice and an old Remington 1100 12 gauges outfitted with an extension tube for extra capacity.

The match was held outside of Marble Falls in the Texas Hill Country at Hidden Falls Adventure Park where the Copper Head Shooting range is located.

Music by TeknoAXE, "Cover Blown" http://youtu.be/Kjai-kvSvH4

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