The_Chopping_Block 12 Oct 2019

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YouTube is working hard to suppress channels like mine. Please help me keep doing what I do by purchasing pro-gun shirts and schwag or donating.

Patreon supporters get access to high speed video and test data as well as short form videos that cut all the BS before the full videos are published to TCB, TFB, or Arfcom.

You can follow work in progress and behind the scenes content here:

The Chopping Block does not sell or promote guns, ammunition, or firearm accessories. These videos are offered as an educational resource focusing primarily on technical aspects of ammunition performance.

This video does not violate YouTube policy or advertiser guidelines in any way. Although it includes content that is related to firearms, there is no promotion whatsoever for the sale of any firearm or related product, nor is any instructional material presented. The video is simply an unbiased technical product review offered as an educational resource for law enforcement and responsible citizens. All shooting was performed on a controlled range, in carefully planned conditions, under the close supervision of a safety coordinator, law enforcement, and an NRA certified instructor. There are no dangerous or unsafe acts portrayed.

Free speech includes unpopular speech and corporate oppression is no better than government oppression.

Social media bias reporting tool:

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Military Arms Channel

I got Zucked but I have many good friends in the industry who are reaching out to folks at FB/IG. Hopefully I'll get my account back. Thank you all for the incredible support! I love our community.

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80spodcastchannel 1 year ago

yep...mark motherzucker is a total complete assclown libtard. they give aid and comfort to specific groups and try to quash those who they cannot counter with arguments and will lose to a show of force. I came up with a hashtag that complete messes with them, and yes google now has it in their search finds..enjoy and use, #markzuckerbergfuckschickens
fuck these fairy ass pansy whiny bitches...

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hawknives333 1 year ago

All the best guys get banned..Don't pull any punches....Stay American.
Born in The Muther Fucking U.S.A.

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Rick Nethery's  Firearm Channel

Dang that sucks, I bet they will get us all before it's said and done. Pro freedom videos don't sit well with the commies.

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