NicTaylor00 11 Sep 2018

Magpul AR15 / M4 MOE K2 Pistol Grip Review

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Finally I found a grip that is more comfortable to shoot while laying in the prone position and on the bench. For the longest time I have had an issue with getting a good trigger pull on the AR style platform while shooting bench rest shooting when sighting in my scope. This replacement grip for the MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) gives a more vertical angle and for me allows a more natural grip and trigger alignment for a more consistent trigger pull. If you find yourself reaching for the trigger while shooting from the bench or in your deer blind, pick up a MOE-K2 grip (typically about $20) and give it a try. I prefer the K2 version over the K2+ since the plus has a rubber over-mold. To me that rubber gets nasty over time. So I like the aggressive TSP texture (Trapezoidal Surface Projections) found on the K2 for my 6.8 Deer Hunting and 3-Gun Rifle.

Similar in concept to the MOE-K, the MOE-K2 is a drop in upgrade for AR15/M4's that offers a more vertical grip angle, but in a full-size grip design. The steeper vertical grip angle is optimized for use on PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) configurations and improves comfort and control on short LOP rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter's body. With an aggressive TSP texture for positive weapon control, compatibility with optional Storage Cores for gear stowage, and a unique backstrap design for proper trigger finger placement, the K2 brings modern styling and ergonomics to the AR platform. All mounting hardware and a basic grip cap included.

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